Would you like an Appraisal of your Property?

Appraisals are helpful for re-financing, renovating, if you are thinking of selling or if you are just taking stock of your current financial position.

My appraisals take into consideration…
Location, land size, house size, configuration, layout, age, construction, architectural style, condition, aspect, views, neighbours, type of title, access, any external environment impacts, perception, recent sales, what hasn’t sold, properties currently for sale and the current state of the market.

It is a thorough and evidence based analysis from which you can make informed decisions.

Often people call me when they are ready to sell…. now! I can of course oblige and have them on the market in a week or so, but this is not ideal. If they had called me a month or two earlier, I could do the kind of due diligence a buyer will do. By identifying an issue that will affect the sale early the Owner can make a well-considered decision and has the time to remedy if they want to.

It is so very common it could be described as normal that something pops up during a campaign. Some examples of issues that surprise owners are in the Title or the LIM, things that were not there or not a problem when they bought the property, but since then regulations and finance requirements have changed. Issues can severely reduce the buyer pool because their lenders say no and this then impacts the price.
You do not necessarily have to remedy the issue but knowing about it before you put the house on the market will be a great advantage.

My client’s best interests are my priority. With such an important transaction, my preparation will keep you on the front foot and absolutely pay-off for you.
If you would like an appraisal on your property perhaps for the purposes of assessing your options or financial position, I will be happy to provide you a comparative market analysis.

Please call me on 0210 822 1922
Or email me at kim.hampson@bayleys.co.nz

Kim's Sale Success Rate is 97%, her Auction Clearance is 86% she has sold over $80,000,000 in Residential Property